Alberto Madella Scholarship

albertoAlberto Madella (1956 – 2008) was appointed an EASM Honorary Member in recognition of the commitment, enthusiasm and energy he demonstrated in the field of sport management. He worked for many years with EASM in various roles and served as General Secretary from 1996 to 2004. His passion for the subject and his dedication to teaching and research inspired many scholars, students and academics throughout the world.

The Alberto Madella Scholarship Fund was created in recognition of the contribution to EASM and the field of sport management by our colleague Alberto Madella. The award is designed to support colleagues to participate in EASM conferences and help promote the work of the Association. The Scholarship Committee will make decisions based on participants’ needs and plans for contributing to the conference. The award is highly competitive and only well-developed proposals will be considered.

The Alberto Madella Scholarship Fund allows individuals to apply for 500 Euros to help them attend the EASM Conference and/or EASM Student Seminar or EASM PhD Student Seminar.

How the Scholarship fund works

When the winners have been contacted, they need to register for the EASM Conference 2020. EASM will pay the 500 Euros once the respective conference fee is paid by the candidates. The remaining money has to be paid by the scholarship recipient. EASM will not transfer the money to the recipient, instead EASM will pay to the conference organisers and EASM will not transfer the money before the recipient has paid his or her part.

If the recipient requires a visa, he or she can apply for the visa as soon as the confirmation of the payment and the final acceptance for the conference is completed.


Scholarship Winners 2020

The committee reviewed the applications and are delighted to announce the winners of this year’s Alberto Madella Scholarship are Samuel López Carril from University of Valencia, Spain and Luiz Gustavo Nascimento Haas from Faculdade de Motricidade Humana at Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

The jury committee for the Alberto Madella Scholarship Fund received 17 applications for the Alberto Madella Scholarship Fund. Each of the applicants provided strong motivation to attend the EASM Conference. The jury committee have together discussed and looked thoroughly through the applications and found two really strong candidates.

About the Winners

Luiz Gustavo Nascimento Haas
“I am from Brazil, and since 2018 I have been living in Lisbon, Portugal, where I am completing a PhD in Sport Management. In Portugal, I am a doctoral student at Faculdade de Motricidade Humana at Universidade de Lisboa (FMH). My research focuses on Sport Governance, more specifically about democracy in national sport federations.”

“I have attended EASM Conferences on three occasions. In 2007 during my masters (also in Portugal), I was part of the Portuguese delegation that participated in the Student Seminar. Also, I attended in 2018 and 2019. In Malmo, 2018, I was part of the Play the Game Workshop. I presented the results of Brazil in the National Sport Governance Observer project, so at that time I was funded by Play the Game. In Seville 2019, I received funding from my university in Portugal. There, I presented a conceptual framework related to my doctoral dissertation.”

Samuel López Carril
“My name is Samuel López Carril, and currently a 3rd year PhD student in Sport Management at the University of Valencia, Spain. As a PhD student, I am looking forward to attending both the EASM Conference and EASM PhD Student Seminar.”

“My doctoral thesis project is entitled: ‘Social media as a tool for teaching, learning and professional development in Sport Management’.”

Award winner 2019

Mahdieh Seraji

Award winners 2018

A third scholarship was sponsored by Taylor & Francis


Charitomeni Tsordia, Kimberley Hardcastle & Seth Kirby

Award winners 2017

Nima Farajpour Bakhtiari & Veronica Lo Presti

Award winner 2014

Elisabeth Emana

Award winners 2013

Lilla Szijj (Hungary)

Ahmed Alafandi (Egypt)

Award winner 2012

Sanjay Tewari (India)

Javad Yousefian (UK)